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Relationships = Interactions over time. So you’re going to build a stronger relationship with customer the more interactions you have with them over a longer period of time, this is how trust is gained. Don’t build a relationship and you'll fall back into an ocean of competition where the consumers decision-making process comes down to price and you'll be working with customers that are not a good fit for your business.
Active Campaign is the power behind your email marketing and automation system. 
Select the link and enter your email to sign up for a Free Trial.
(The free trial is for 30 days, which works out perfect. 🤩 You can open an account now without having to make a payment and start communicating.) 
This is the name that will show when your customer receives an email.
Unfortunately they have recently introduced a phone number on sign up. They will call you within a couple of days to check in. 🙄 
(To exit the call, simply say "My website developer is dealing with this side of things, that will be him who has set this up. See ya!")
When completing this section, their aim is to work out what plan is suitable for you, So you want to start at the bottom and work your way up as business grows. You don't want to be paying any unnecessary bills.
Enter 1 employee in your business and less than 500 customers. (<500)
(The bottom plan allows up to 500 contacts. For a service business professional, 500 ACTIVE customers is a great business) 💰
Again, the aim of Active Campaign is to judge what plan is suitable for you. The more you tick, the more functionality and more costly recommendations will be put in front of you. Only tick the first box.
Skip Step - We will link this to Leadpages later, when working on The Interaction Model.
Now you should be taken to your Active Campaign dashboard. That's you signed up ready to go.

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