Domain Name & Pro Business Email
Gmail has a professional business email service (Business Email meaning it ends with not Before you set this up, you'll need to check the Domain Name you require is available. Use Nominet (The police of the internet) but do not purchase there, we will do this through Google Workspace so everything is together. > Nominet
Let's set up your business Email Address.
Select the link and you'll be taken direct to the signup page in a new tab so you can also follow my instructions.
Select Get Started on the Basic plan.
Enter Business Name and select your number of employees.
Enter your name and your current 'personal' Email Address.
(This is for backup, if you can't login with your business Email Address at any point, they will send information to your backup.)
Select 'No, I need one'... or 'Yes, I have one I can use' if you already own the Domain Name.
Enter your Domain, individual to your business.
Click continue, this is a confirmation page.
This will be your main email address you're setting up. If you don't want to use your name@, use enquiries@ avoid sales@ & info@ these tend to get spam email.

(Don't make the mistake I did, creating multiple email addresses, accounts@, sales@ to look bigger. Customers see straight through it, embrace where you're at now and use a single Email Address using your name so it's more personal.)
Ensure you're on the G-Suite Basic, not Business!
(If this display business, not to worry you can complete the process and then downgrade the plan straight away.)
Customer Info. 💁‍♂️
If you purchased you're domain with G-Suite, ignore this section! If you're domain is with GODADDY this is amazing. 🤟 Simply click 'Sign in to activate'. 
(This process is connecting your Email Address to your Domain Name and automatically setting up all the technical MX records. 🤓)
(I've noticed this does not always work on the first attempt, but good on the second. 🤷🏻‍♂️)
Ignore create new users, select 'skip for now'.
You'll be taken to your G-Suite dashboard. That's it, your email is complete. You don't need to do anything else here. 
Now to set-up your Email on your Computer, Tablet and Mobile...
iPad & iPhone: Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account. Then login to Google.
iMac & Mac Book Pro: Open Mail App > Mail (Top Left Menu) > Preferences > Accounts > Select + symbol. Then login to Google.

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