Keyword Research
Keyword Research is a common phrase you hear with internet marketing, but what does it actually mean?
A keyword can be a word or a phrase that people search on the internet. It’s important to make your website appear in Google for keywords that people are searching, that you wish to be found for.
The most important piece of that text in the sentence above is ‘that people are searching’ ie. You can make your website appear on page one of google for a keyword, but if no-one is searching for that keyword on the internet, you’re no better off.
It’s recommended today to use what’s called ‘long tail keywords’ which are phrases, due to the high volume of competition today for single keywords.​​​​​​​
An example keyword is ‘Personal Trainer’
A long tail keyword might be ‘Personal Trainer for wedding couples in Hertfordshire’
So Keyword research is where you use software to discover what keywords people are searching for relevant to your industry. When people search the internet using these keywords they are stored in a database and you can access this data free of charge.
Enter some keywords into the tool and see what popular terms come up. You’ll be surprised what terms people use to search for what it is you do. Keep an eye out for the miss spellings… If you have a brand name or product difficult to spell you want to make sure you appear for the miss spelling of that search term. Google’s Keyword Planner will show you how many people search this term and how it was spelt.
There is also 'Negative' Keywords. These are keywords that people search that you 'don’t' want to appear for. Let’s say you’re a Personal Trainer and your programme costs anywhere between 2k - 3k. The last thing you want is people contacting you who’s searched for the term ‘Cheap Personal Trainer London.’ You can make ‘Free’ and ‘Cheap’ negative keywords especially if you use Google’s Keyword Planner for advertising or Re-Marketing.
The key too success in Google is good Keyword research. This is super important, if you dont choose the right keywords, it will effect your entire marketing system. I would go as far as hiring a professional to do keyword research on your behalf.

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