A Website Built For Conversion
One mistake I often see is businesses owners driving traffic to their website by using online tactics such as social media and Pay Per Click advertising. 
However, the result is customers are landing on the website, but still not taking action. So we have a website conversion issue, turning those visitors into enquiries for your services or even better-paying customers. 
This is why we use Leadpages, their platform is built with a single purpose to turn your visitors in to paying customers. Their training and guidance works in sync with what i'm educating you, so there is no confusion.
Not to mention they have the best User Interface to manage your website.
Let's create a website built for Conversion. 🤘 Select the link below to be taken direct to Leadpages.
Select 'Try it Free'.
Select the Standard plan. (Note the toggle above the plans 'Monthly/Annual' If you can afford an annual plan right now, there is a huge saving - Currently 39%)
Next, there is two short forms, Account Information and Billing for after the 14 days free trial.
You'll then be taken to your dashboard. Select the person (Top Right Menu) and go to Domains.
Here you want to connect your Domain Name to Leadpages, so when you're ready to publish your website, it displays on your Domain Name. Select 'Connect a Domain'. 
(Don't be tempted by 'Claim your free domain' you always want to keep this separate from any platform.)
Enter your domain and select NO. (If you do have an existing website, this will be removed)
Leadpages will display the instructions to follow in Google Domains to connect your domain name.
Followed by redirect instructions to make sure your website displays with and without using 'www.'
You have now connected your domain name to Leadpages and processed your SSL security.
(Standard practise working with an agency is paying for separate hosting and SSL security. SSL can cost alone £30/pm. Leadpages has saved this trouble and built everything into their platform at no extra cost. 🙌 )
Congratulations! 🥳 you now have a Domain Name, a professional Business Email and Leadpages set-up ready to build your website.

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