Linkedin Instant Exposure
Ok round three, the same tactics we've used on Twitter and Facebook... Now we're going to repeat the process and 'Feature' our services to the top of your Linkedin profile.
I personally paid no attention to Linkedin until I packaged my services into a product and could start to see more clearly where my visitors were coming form. Surprisingly for me, 70% of my website traffic come form Linkedin, even though I was never contacted direct via Linkedin messages. Social media is all about consistent subtle reminders that your still here offering your service. 🙋🏻‍♂️
This is very simple, very effective, yet very few businesses do it!
So, let's make sure we are taking advantage of this exposure. This will display in a 'Featured' section on your main profile. - I find two featured posts have more visibility.
So let's build this, It's very quick and simple. - You have everything set up ready in your Leadpages, as we did this for your Twitter and Facebook Account.
Login to your Linkedin Account and in the centre you will see 'Start a post'. (You will get a popup, like below)
Remember this is a Post that's Featured to the top of your personal profile. So I'd recommend the heading formula - "I help NICHE to get RESULT so they can SOLUTION." followed by your website address.
Ensure the website address is the direct url to your 'sales page' and not the main website home page. (eg. NOT This is to cut the chase and take them direct to the page where we want visitors to take action.
Hit Post! - Here is my example above. I've applied a few suggested 'add hashtag' (The image will automatically load when you input your website url: eg.
Now view your profile once you have selected 'Post' and you will see your new live post.
Select the 'Three Dots' top right of the post. Select 'Feature on top of profile'. (pic above)
You'll receive a notification once this has been featured. and you're done.
Reminder, you can update the content in the website editor of Leadpages in the future and this will automatically update where the information that has been shared. 🤩

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