Stock Photography
When it comes to selecting website images, here are some potential options. First, it’s always great to show your target client so that viewers can identify themselves as a potential customer. Images of people feel friendly and relatable which is why so many companies have photos of people on their website. However be extremely selective as stock images of people overly happy can look and feel very cheesy.
If you’re in an industry where you already have photos - like interior designer or architects, great! The tendency is to want to show them all.. but less is more. Only pick out your absolute best photographs that show off your favourite projects that represent the ideal work you’d like to receive, leave the rest out and use them for social media. Customers don’t need to see lots of photographs, they just need to see a select few to contact you.
Note: When buying stock photography, you can choose to purchase images at the right resolution level for a website. If you’re using your own photos, also make sure they are 72 dpi, and ideally 1400 pixels wide, the full width of a Leadpages website.
My go to Stock Library for images and videos is Adobe Stock
However there is a wide selection of free stock libraries for pictures and videos on the internet, but be sure to read the licence agreements before use. Photography has licence agreements very similar to the use of music and can be searched and found on the internet if used inappropriately. 

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