The Power Of Re-Marketing
Re-marketing is one of the most dramatic and profitable internet marketing breakthroughs (I believe since 2008).
Maybe you know about Re-marketing, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, you’ve certainly seen it in action – that I’m certain. Each time you visit a website to view a product then click away, you see that same product bombarding you throughout the Internet. - it's like Magic!
Until now there was no way of reaching people who visited your website without taking any action. That’s a huge problem, over 70% of people leave most websites without buying or making contact. So in reality you’re missing out on 70% of potential business, not to mention if that’s paid traffic there is additional costs to be factored in on top of your loss.

So what does it mean to you?
Well, the chances are more than 70% of people who visit your website today will leave without interacting. So we use Re-marketing to bring them back – to give them a second chance to interact by taking on your services or signing up for 'A Customer Welcoming Gift'. So from that moment onwards, up to 6 times a day, for up to 18 months or until they clear their computers cache, you can promote your service product – and it costs nothing to show the ads. You only pay when the prospect finally clicks on your advert. These ads can be displayed on one of the Million + Google partner websites, including National Newspapers, Ebay and Amazon.
So suddenly your potential customers are seeing you everywhere. It gives you immediate credibility and the ability to target customers with laser precision. Best of all, because these ads are being served to the people who’ve already been to your website, the costs are minimal and the impact is huge!
And the beauty is, this tactic is still widely ignored. Only a handful of your competitors will bother to use it, the rest won’t know how, or even that this exists at all.

But why would someone go back?
When Re-marketing launched, it had its critics, people claimed that no-one would go back to a web page that they’d chosen to leave, but through extensive research this wasn’t the case. In reality, the visitor who leaves a web page is not saying 'Never' – they’re only saying 'Not today'. For a number of reasons it could be that they don’t feel ready, that something else came up like the baby crying, a knock at the door or they ran out of time. You certainly can’t be sure they’re rejecting you, so it makes perfect sense to lure them back and get a response.
Head over to Google Ads and set up your re-targeting campaign. Once your system is built, there’s only one thing missing: Traffic! You need a flood of visitors to your website, so they visit your sales page as strangers and emerge as customers.

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