Twitter Instant Exposure
However you're using Twitter for work or personal, YOU represent your business. So it's good to be aware, it's likely customers will check out your Twitter feed. 👀
Even if Twitter is not your preferred go to platform right now, that doesn't mean it's a mutual feeling for your customers. 🤔
This is very simple, very effective, yet very few businesses do it!
Let's make sure we are taking advantage of this exposure by setting the first tweet they read as a promotional tweet linking direct to your packaged service product sales page. This is known as a 'Pinned Tweet', every other tweet you send will display below this tweet.
Here is an example of my Twitter account, everyone who visits my account the first tweet they read is a direct link to my Brand Ecosystem Creative Service.
Visit my Twitter page to get a feel for how this works: Here
So let's build this, It's very quick and simple. Login to your Leadpages Account and open up your website in the editor.
Select 'Settings' on the left hand menu. Followed by Social in the new top menu. This has opened a panel populated for when visitors share your website, what the shared link will display.
Let me explain; If someone visits your website and they share your website on Facebook or Twitter, you can pre-populate the content that is displayed. This will ensure you have a perfectly written message for the best outcome.
Here's an example; I've populated the 'Social Page Title' and the 'Social Page Description' then I'll add my graphic, which displays a preview of how this will look once shared by visitors.
Fill out your information if not done so already and republish your website.
Next jump over to the Twitter App to write a new Tweet.
Remember this is a Tweet that is pinned to the top of your profile. So I'd recommend the heading formula - "I help NICHE to get RESULT so they can SOLUTION." followed by your website address.
Make sure the website address is the direct url to your 'sales page' and not the main website home page. (eg. NOT This is to cut the chase and take them direct to the page where we want visitors to take action.
Send the Tweet! - Now head to 'Tweets & Reply's' and you will see your new Tweet.
Select the pointing down arrow top right of the Tweet. (pic above)
Select 'Pin to your profile'.
Select 'Pin'.
Now you should see 'Pinned Tweet' at the top left and you're done.
You can update the content in the website editor of Leadpages in the future and this will automatically update where the information that has been shared. 🤩

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