Understanding Google Search
The following explanations of a Google Search Results page layout may seem self-evident, but from my experience talking to business owner, there is a high percentage of business owners that do not know how Google Search works.
There are three key areas that Googles Index (Google Search Results) is divided into, Pay Per Click, Local Directories and Search Engine Optimisation.
Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC (Paid)
The listings at the very top of Google Search Results (with the subtle Ad icon), are companies that have bid for their website to appear for the keyword or phrases being searched for in google. Their position is based on the bids and relevance like an auction. So they are paying to be listed here. Every time that Ad is clicked, they are charged the bid amount agreed.
Local Directories (FREE)
Google search results return a map with pins scattered on them, showing the location of certain local companies. Local being the most important word, Google will display different results based on the location of the user searching. To have your business listed in the maps, register with Google My Business. The process is an online signup and they will send you a postcard with a code to that specific location for confirmation.
Search Engine Optimisation - SEO (Free)
The listings below maps are results ranked by Google that are the most relevant to the search term, depending on the websites content. Relevance is calculated through Google’s algorithms that take into account over 200 different factors. So think of Google like a Library, if you don't tell google what your website is about, Google wont position your Website where people expect to find it.
Please Note: These tactics are all well and good, but appearing on page one of Google without a website built for conversion can be expensive and cause self doubt. So make sure before you start marketing, your website clearly displays the number one thing you would like them to do!

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