Website Grader
A Website Grader measures the marketing effectiveness of a website and grades your site against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security that Google expects to see on your website.
This is a good tool to view your current websites performance to check how much technical work is required. It's very handy to know these tools if you're looking to work with Website Developers and Agencies. 
Unfortunately unlike other industries (eg. Architects) there is no qualification to pass for Graphic Design and Website Development in order to deliver the service professionally. This results in a very saturated industry that anyone can jump in to.
So before you decide to work with someone, ask them to send you some links to the websites they've developed, run the websites through Hubspots Website Grader and the results wont lie. They wont be 100%, but 85% or higher is a good indication.
Only enter your website address (URL), leave out your email to avoid spam.
A more advanced Website Grader is SEOptimer:​​​​​​​
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